Cuba: The Struggle for Consumption

by Anna C. Pertierra


By researching everyday practices of shopping, housework, home improvement, and media consumption, this book presents a portrait of domestic life in Cuba. Grounded in anthropological analysis, it demonstrates the political and social importance of Cuban consumer culture, which shapes the identities of Cubans today.

The many difficulties of consumption since the fall of the Soviet Union are seen by Cubans as a cause and a symbol of a society that is generally experienced as “a struggle.”

Examining the interconnections of consumption, economy, socialism and gender relations that shape the lives of Cuban women, the book’s close focus on the experiences and stories of individuals make it an accessible and engaging account of everyday life in contemporary Cuba.

About the Author:

Anna Cristina Pertierra is ARC Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies, University of Queensland, Australia. She received her PhD in anthropology from University College London and has completed extensive fieldwork in Cuba and Mexico on the topics of consumer culture, media and domestic life.

275 pp., softcover with b & w photos, 6 x 9 inches. 

Cat. #: CSP 7530
ISBN #: 9781584327530


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