Revolutionary Freedoms: A History of Survival, Strength and Imagination in Haiti

by Cécile Accilien, Jessica Adams and Elmide Méléance


This new perspective on Haitian history features essays that augment the historical paintings of renowned contemporary Haitian-American artist, Ulrick Jean-Pierre. Poet, playwright, and scholar Kamau Brathwaite has written the powerful Foreword to this volume, which combines scholarship, experience, and inspiration to reveal the complex history of the island that Haiti shares with the Dominican Republic. Chapters cover pre-Columbian and colonial history; critical events and people of the Haitian Revolution; the tangle of U.S.–Haitian relations, including the special relationship with Louisiana; Haitian connections to South America; and the contested border with the neighboring Dominican Republic. Revolutionary Freedoms also includes an interview with the artist, a section on women in the nation’s history, and suggested reading. The Editors of the book,  have assembled a distinguished collection of writers and scholars, such as Edwidge Danticat, Max Beauvoir, Marc Christophe, Lauren Derby, Gwendolyn Midlo Hall, Régine Latortue, Carolyn Morrow Long, Margaret Mitchell Armand, Richard Turits, and Philippe Zacaïr. 

Cat. #: B347
ISBN #: 9781584322934 

266 pp. Hardcover with 44 full-color reproductions, © 2006.  


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