Fieldwork Identities in the Caribbean

Edited by Erin B. Taylor


This book presents examples of how researchers negotiate complex relations with the participants of their studies, such as class, race, religion, and sexuality in Caribbean nations including Belize, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico, and Trinidad and Tobago. A valuable and fascinating introduction to the realities of fieldwork.

A focus on negotiating identity reveals both the ways in which an ethnographer can submerge herself in another milieu, and the ways in which the specificity of her identity and that milieu make this quite impossible. Conscious reflection on negotiating identity can be a route to the analytic task that dissolves the divide between field and desk…and also a route to a more embedded status in the field as that milieu is demystified….These essays trace a path through some critical moments in fieldwork that led the writers to interrogate aspects of their identities as a route to a better understanding of others.—Diane Austin-Broos, professor emerita, Department of Anthropology, University of Sydney

281 pp., softcover, 6 x 9 inches. 

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