Vodou Brooklyn: Five Ceremonies with Mambo Marie Carmel

by Stephanie Keith

This book is an intimate portrayal of a Haitian immigrant Vodou priestess. Color photographs and text document the young Mambo presiding over five distinct Vodou ceremonies held in one year in a single basement in Brooklyn, NY. By focusing on what happens in this transformed basement, the reader becomes personally involved with the people of this community through seeing them from ceremony to ceremony. 

In six decades of existence, I have never seen photography as respectful, as transcendent, as perfect as that of Stephanie Keith’s. She is an artist “kissed” by the Spirit world, and shall gain the affection of the Lwa, no doubt. All I can say is mesi anpil.─Patrick Bellegarde-Smith Houngan Asogwe and Professor of Africology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

This beautiful book is a homage of love. I really admire the party-hard vibrancy of the images. Vodou Brooklyn beautifully captures the “gangans” (elegance) of Mambo Marie Carmel’s ceremonies.─Donald John Cosentino, Ph.D., Professor of Culture and Performance, UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures, and Author of Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou

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138 pp., softcover, with full color photographs, 11 x 8.5 inches. 

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ISBN #: 9781584326700


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