Tales from the Heart of Haiti

by Patti Marxsen


“These are truly marvelous stories steeped in the mystery, the terror and beauty of Haitian life.” — Madison Smartt Bell.

“Intertwining the stories of Haitians and the foreigners who wish to help them, Marxsen moves us seamlessly between these two worlds, joining them through tales of love, of spirituality and magic, of connections forged and lost. Writing with both compassion and unflinching honesty, Marxsen’s stories allow us a glimpse into the true heart of Haiti.” — Midge Raymond, author of Forgetting English (www.MidgeRaymond.com)

Patti Marxsen’s collection of nine short stories presents a fresh perspective of the people of Haiti by narrating their interactions with those who come from elsewhere and try to help. Haiti overflows with expatriates and missionaries who desire to do good, especially now. But how much do foreign “helpers” see and know? What can they comprehend? Only when we allow ourselves to enter into that mysterious world of Haitian feeling, Haitian spirituality and Haitian loss, do we begin to understand the boundaries and the connections that exist between and among others.


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