Social Networks and the Mental Health of Haitian Immigrants

by Guerda Nicolas, Angela DeSilva, Stephanie Donnelly


This is the first book to provide empirical information on the social networks and mental health of Haitian immigrants in the U.S. Studies on immigrant groups document the importance of social support networks on the well-being of immigrants. Existing literature on Haitians provides only a rudimentary understanding of these factors based on clinical impressions, personal accounts and anecdotal evidence.

As a result, very little is known from research about social support and Haitian immigrants, which have an increasingly larger presence in the U.S. This book provides research data on the intersections of culture, social support, mental health and effective service delivery for Haitian immigrants.

This book begins with a description of the family, community and religious life of Haitian immigrants and compares these to their experiences in Haiti in order to help clinicians, educators and community providers better understand the significant transitions that Haitian immigrants to the U.S. undergo. Relationships between social supports and depression, self-esteem and acculturative stress are thoroughly examined. Each chapter concludes with specific conclusions and recommendations for effectively reaching out and providing support to Haitian immigrants in the U.S.

192 pp. softcover, 6 x 9 inches.  

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ISBN #: 9781584326861 


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