Les Lodyans de Georges Anglade: Rire Haitien/Haitian Laughter

by Georges Anglade


A Mosaic of Ninety Miniatures in French and English, translated from the French by Anne Pease McConnell. Haitian Laughter is constructed around the lodyans, a narrative genre that has blossomed in Haiti as an art of miniatures. The substantial reduction in scale that presides over their creation allows only the significant features to remain, like a medieval illumination, a Japanese bonsai, or simply a small sized map of an immense territory. This makes each miniature a “dwarf sized saga,” which lets us glimpse the larger dimension of the original of which it is a reduced model. Bilingual, French and English. 

400 pp., hardcover, 9 x 10.5 inches. 

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ISBN #: 978158423590 


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