Caribbean Landscapes: An Interpretive Atlas

by Timothy Brothers, Jeffrey Wilson, Owen P. Dwyer


Caribbean Landscapes is an introduction to the cultural and physical diversity of the Caribbean through the lens of geography. The authors, geographers from Indiana University- Purdue University, Indianapolis, combine published research and their own firsthand field experience to trace the evolution of Caribbean landscapes for a broad audience. 

The atlas comprises two parts (natural landscapes and human landscapes), each subdivided into chapters about specific landscape elements: terrain, natural communities, natural hazards, agricultural and rural settlement, industry and tourism, political landscapes, and urban landscapes. Each chapter begins with a general essay followed by individual pieces about particular places, such as the Vuelta Abajo tobacco region of Cuba, the East Indian villages of Trinidad, Montserrat’s Soufrière volcano, downtown Kingston, and the Haitian/Dominican border in Hispaniola. 

The authors use several media to capture the diversity of Caribbean geography, including satellite imagery, astronaut photos, ground photos, maps and interpretive essays. The seventy-odd individual pieces provide unusually balanced geographic coverage, drawing on literature in French, Spanish and English and the authors’ field research in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Cuba. Caribbean Landscapes will be of interest to students, libraries and anyone who wishes to understand how Caribbean land and life took shape. 

It is the rare book that combines artistic images with informative text, but Caribbean Landscapes accomplishes just that. The combined use of satellite imagery, full-color photographs, and descriptive text, supplemented with appropriate maps and figures, sets this atlas apart from the rest…. Journal of Latin American Geography

249 pp., softcover, full color throughout.

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ISBN #: 9781584324591 


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